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Mediocre people do exceptional things all the time.



May 4th, 2007

Good lord, The Lake House is a bad film. If only time were their only foe, but they also have to overcome the fact that they're both total dumbasses. Also, why anybody puts their leading man in a polo neck, ever, is completely beyond me. Besides, I probably shouldn't watch things which romanticise non-verbal relationships. It only encourages me.

Tomorrow I go for a re-enactment of last week's English department party. This is the party which saw me tell one tutor to get over his problems because he was clearly just clinging on to them as a flimsy excuse for his misogyny, screamed to another 'DON'T GOOOOOOOOO' in the middle of the road as he tried to catch the last bus home, and revealed at length my list of grievances with the department to all present. I'm not entirely sure how we're going to top that one, but we thought the occasion merited some kind of one week anniversary re-enactment. Plus, any excuse for a piss up.

It does, in fact, look like this will be a week of piss ups. Lastnight was the radio wrap party, for which my flatmate was responsible, and so took it upon herself to make it her responsibility to ensure the bar took enough money to break even. Hence the not one, but TWO bottles of £48 rose champagne we ploughed through, as well as the most hideous cosmopolitan I think I've ever wasted a fiver on, a lot of Lidl plonk and some good ole g&t's. We still didn't make our money back. Cheap arse djs. I did enjoy doing the decorating though - it's been a while since I've pitched in with anything much, and I'd forgotten how nice and smug you feel once you've done somebody a favour. Somehow, I don't think I'm as gracious as I used to be...

Also, Saturday is May Ball night. Colin Murray is DJing, and the bands look reasonable. Importantly, the bar is free. I'm refusing to acknowledge my excitement, as by the laws of irony it'll be a total let down if I do, but secretly I think there may be fun to be had. For my personal having, hopefully.

Revision really isn't happening.

May 2nd, 2007

As of yesterday at 5, they no longer have anything to teach me. This is the first time since I was 4 that I've had no classes to go to. I feel so utterly lost, but in a nice way. Bizarrely, the most disconcerting thing is that nobody's structuring my reading. I had to stave off the terror by just doing some revision. Maybe I'm destined for a life of academia after all.

My first day of freedom was pretty anticlimactic though. I spent it cutting out cardboard stars which I will no doubt be working out how to string up tomorrow. I hate being a trooper.

Best thing about today was:

I cannot believe it's been sitting in cellophane for about 3 months on my shelf. It was a favourite waiting to happen.

April 27th, 2007

Drooling on her pillow


These two are getting me through the evening better than all the cups of tea in the world. And I can go more than an hour without peeing.

I am so sick of lesbians.

April 25th, 2007

...which at the moment is less than conducive to the writing of my final essay ever. This is my last piece of homework after 11 years. And I'm trying to slip in a reference to aural sex. No, I did spell that properly. It's that kind of sex. It's that kind of course...we're so bored of men-dressing-as-women-dressing-as-men-attracted-to-women-dressed-as-men-but-really-women-though-masculine relations that we almost asked a boy and girl snogging next to the lecture theatre (who DOES that at our age?!...yes, I have become an old woman) for a demonstration of straight, no fuss, heterosexual sex. Layers are for losers.

Other than the looming end of my academic career (what will I DOOOOO?) there is very little going on at the moment. Trips to the library (beige palace of despair that I will strangely miss), chocolate I didn't need to eat considering I will be shoehorning myself into a bikini to go to Spain with 4 of the blondest skinniest girls I know in 2 months (but have a cunning plan to hire myself out as a zeppelin to unsuspecting tourists), and making friends I should have about 2 years ago because it's all a bit late in the day now, are featuring heavily in this week's activities.

Oooh, it's rainbow weather. I love having a skylight when it rains. Although not when I check the weather and find myself looking directly into the heart of the sun. Win some, lose some.

Re: the music. It's ok. I don't like Lily Allan either, but this song is still officially great. Power to the brass band.

December 29th, 2006

(no subject)

A year in 12 sentencesCollapse )

Another nail in the coffin of this thing. Well, I never said it would be interesting. Having had a quick flick through the 5 and a half years (a terrifying thought) of my livejournal, I have to say 2003-4's probably the best of a bad bunch...just the right balance of amount of shit to say, and having convinced myself people were interested.

December 16th, 2006

What comes but once a year?

To elaborate, I am still alive and well. Thought that if I were going to return to this, which is dubious, then I should at least put in an appearance of more than one line. Sadly, the only thing I have to gripe about (obviously the only point of anybody's online anything is to bitch) is Leona off X Factor. Why God gives talent to annoying people is a mystery to me.

Life this term - I still think completely in academic years - has been surprisingly full of work considering it counts just as much as last year, and all I did then was sit around getting drunk. I have, however, found time to see Karl Kennedy, go to some balls, make my first ever visit to Disneyland and rediscover my love of parsnips. By next month, I will only be 12 weeks of lectures and 2 exams away from being given a degree. I will have finished my dissertation on Elizabeth (not Emily) Bishop which at the moment is barely even started, but as with all my shoddily finished pieces of work, will probably turn out just fine. I will probably not have a plan for post-graduation, although I'm working on it. If any of you are influential in the publishing world and just chose not to tell me, now would be the time to reveal yourselves.

That, I believe, is that. Until next time I have something to moan about.

I thank you for the praise of my mental montages. While I'm not sure it's justified, it's appreciated. I'll work you into one of them as some kind of cake weilding ninja, with eclair numchucks. Tasty.

December 15th, 2006

(no subject)

Hello. I am still alive.

September 4th, 2006

(no subject)

Being in town on your own is weird. Or maybe it's just me. But I always feel a little more like a crazy bag lady when I buy a coffee on my own and read a book. Which is basically all I wanted to do today - get out of the house without actually having to spend too much money. And Oklahoma seems rather welcoming of the bag lady type, providing they're under 25 and reasonably well dressed. They also sell good coffee in buckets. Being on my own, I was also completely unable to decide on making a purchase, apart from some random books of poetry that I'm already regretting.Collapse )

Although I will be sick of it within 4 days, I need to go back to St. Andrews. Or really, I need to create some kind of time machine, go back to when I was 6 and learn to BMX. Yeah.

August 31st, 2006

(no subject)


I feel very short changed if this is the company my face is supposed to be keeping. Apart from the last one. I'm just insulted by that.

August 28th, 2006

(no subject)


Stolen from Matt, this is entirely worth doing.
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